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I was in a very low period, with bad sleeping habits, low self-esteem, low mood and no motivation. I saw her health coaching service and I wanted to give a try. I was not even sure it would help me. But her positivity on her account was really attractive.


And then I got the chance to meet that amazing supporting woman who managed to put me back on the right track, helping with goals and habits, showing me that there are no too small steps...


Her positivity is contagious and after all my sessions done, I got what I signed up for. My motivation and sleep improved and I can’t wait for other sessions to help me with new goals.”



I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Tani. Each session, I made small manageable steps which make it easier to hold on to changes. Tani looks very well at your needs and cans and works with that.

I can recommend her to anyone wanting to make some positive changes in their life!”




I rarely had such inspiring conversations! It immediately felt as if Tani was a good friend, understanding your struggles and offering ideas to solve them, which are adapted to your life and lifestyle.


She works on the little things and small changes - that’s what makes it so great and practicable for everybody!”


Dear Tani, I’m beyond thankful for all the advice and support you give me. Every time, after talking with you, I feel so motivated, enlightened, ready for big moves and positive changes.


You’ve changed my perspectives and guided me to an improved, happier, confident ME. Thank you!”



Absolutely loved speaking with you today, Tani. I truly feel like we are working on my health 360 degrees while talking to you.


It feels like I am speaking to a friend who knows what it’s like and really cares! [...] Like someone really understood and all my emotional holes were filled.”



As you went through this coaching journey, how did things change for you?

I learned so much thanks to your coaching and the different topics we approached. I got to know more about different foods and nutrition in general. I started to understand my body much better, how it reacts to the food I eat but also to the way I eat, move and sleep.

Today, I have the feeling that I know myself better. It is easier for me now to find a balance between what is good for me and what I like. Actually, I even think that what I like has evolved over the past months.


What did you benefit from and/or enjoy the most?

What I appreciated the most is the multi-faceted and holistic approach of your coaching and that that we spoke about more than just nutrition.


I now understand that a lot of different elements are connected and contribute to my wellbeing, as a whole. I also really appreciated your personalised coaching style and that all exercises and suggestions were targeted to my personal needs. I felt that I was not just one client but that you spent a lot of time thinking about recommendations that made sense for me personally.

The recipes, videos and meditations you sent me… all of this was really precious to me! Finally, I appreciated your encouraging and caring personality. From the very first moment, I knew I could trust you. I always felt comfortable sharing my experience, my personal challenges and successes with you. 

What did you hope to get from coaching with me?

And were your expectations met?


It was very important for me to implement changes that would last long-term as well. Small steps that take maybe more time but that turn into new habits that last and that I start to enjoy more and more over time. Not once did I have the impression that I had to deprive myself during the past months, or that the changes you suggested were too hard to implement. So, my expectations were totally met!

Would you like to add anything else?

It has been a real pleasure to work with you over these past few months, Tani.

I have truly appreciated and benefitted from your multiple skills and knowledge, your positive energy and your caring approach.

Thanks to our discussions, your guidance and support, I have been able to rethink some of my habits and define new ones in a sustainable way. Today, I feel stronger and more serene. Thank you!



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