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I have noticed a significant difference in how I interact with others

“Tani has been an incredible mentor and guide in my journey towards self-improvement. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure, and I cannot thank her enough for her tremendous impact on my life.


We focused on a couple of areas: assertiveness and confidence. Tani's expertise in these areas was evident from the very beginning. She patiently listened to my concerns and tailored her approach to suit my specific needs. Her beautiful calming voice instantly put me at ease and created a safe space for exploration and growth.


Throughout our sessions, Tani shared a wealth of strategies and techniques I could apply daily. These practical tools have become integral to my routine, helping me navigate various personal and professional situations with greater ease and confidence. I have noticed a significant difference in how I interact with others and how I perceive myself. The positive impact on my daily life has been remarkable.


Tani, your dedication to helping others and improving the world is truly inspiring. Your impact on my life is immeasurable, and I will forever be grateful for the transformative experience of working with you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, calming presence, and genuine care. You have made a lasting difference, and I couldn't be more appreciative.”



I loved the experience and I really didn't expect it!

Prior to the RTT session with Tani, I was feeling completely hopeless, and I had accepted the fact that I was not going to do any public speeches even though it massively held me back at work. It felt like I just couldn't do anything to change the situation, this is just how it was and I had to accept it and find other routes.


Now, I feel that I left that person behind. The person who was scared of taking on the challenge is not me. I can do this, I feel confident that I can and I am sure that it won't be perfect but it’s a learning curve. The more I practice, the better I will become. And I am not alone, I have people around me that will support me. I am actually even feeling excited about it whereas before, I would feel scared and even feel sick to my stomach of even the thought of it.


I feel more confident, happier and so relieved. Like nothing is holding me back anymore.


What surprised me the most is the realisation that, every time I thought about doing a talk, I would become that young version of me. That person was so different from the person I am today and yet that is who it took me back to. Very irrational. The young me was such an introvert, very very different from me today. My favourite part was that it was such an AHA moment to see how this fear of public speaking does not align with who I am.


My expectation of the session (even though I tried to keep an open mind and to not have any expectations) was that it would most likely not work because I felt that I had already explored all the why's behind this fear. But it really does come down to those limiting beliefs that we create from childhood, and they just stay with us until we challenge them. I found that super interesting. It really was that simple. Just to challenge those limiting beliefs and to explore the what if's. Visualising myself overcoming my fear felt more compelling than allowing myself to stay stuck in the limiting belief. Staying stuck feels more scary than putting myself out there.


I loved the experience and I really didn't expect it!


I’ve had a couple of presentations and I feel so confident!

“For years I had struggled with presentation anxiety and low self-confidence. I then found Tani and heard about her hypno-coaching and was curious to give it a try. I didn’t know what to expect, but with each session I noticed a positive mindset change and after just three sessions I felt like I could finally let go of the stage fright. It was something I carried with me for so many years and I really feel that this year I have finally managed to shake it off.


I’ve had a couple of presentations (big and small) and I feel so confident! My voice is lower, I pay attention to my breath, focus on spreading love and positivity and overall feel good after. What has really helped me is to understand that “even the best presenters make mistakes” which gives me room to be ok with small mistakes and move on after.


Tani really makes you feel safe and pays a lot of attention to your individual needs. I am very grateful to have found Tani and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel better.”



Tani’s work helped me reach through to my childhood and reframe who I thought I was

“Working with Tani has helped me to break through and access my deep subconscious, and make some important realisations in the process. We started out working on confidence at networking events, then gradually shifted to confidence in myself in general.


Tani’s work helped me reach through to my childhood and reframe who I thought I was. My entire life I’d thought of myself as a shy introvert. Tani helped me realise that my true nature is vibrant, lively, even mischievous — a person who loves exploring what life has to offer. Now I see and recognise that person in myself when I look in the mirror.


It’s permeated every aspect of my life, beyond networking events. It’s helped me be kinder to myself, break free of my workaholic mindset, and be more assertive with my time and energy.


Those were unexpected because I never thought working on my confidence for networking would have such far-reaching impact, and I never thought it would have helped me break free of my workaholism, but it’s all connected deep beneath the surface.


Thank you Tani, you are worth every single cent and more. Your work is amazing and life-changing, and I couldn’t be more grateful for you.”



This has been an experience like no other!

“I worked with Tani to address insecurities around marketing my new business. I really wanted to end the session feeling like I had been enabled to access some block deep inside my subconscious, and release it.


I just knew I wanted unstoppable confidence to "put myself out there" without any fear of rejection. My conscious mind knew why this fear was unnecessary, inappropriate and irrelevant.


However, I had this feeling there was one more emotional release that needed to be triggered to allow me to wholeheartedly pursue and persevere through any self-doubt.


Not only did Tani enable me to become aware of, and release the blockage, She provided me with a magnificent recording that makes me overflow with joy and happiness each time I listen to it, as if I am already living and breathing my future success and dreams.


Tani successfully captured my dream life and encompassed everything in my wildest dreams into the recording, with an enormous powerful tone of voice and intensity which instills an immense confidence in me that yes, I will succeed and I will enjoy my life now, and every minute of the business process.


Tani, thank you for your spirit, your dedication and commitment to my success.


This has been an experience like no other.


Tani is efficient, professional and provides a heartfelt, soulful service with impeccable attention to your unique desires and outcomes of the session and recording.”



My anxiety levels are down and I am taking steps to take care of my health and work life

“I approached Tani for my anxiety issues which I have been trying to break through for a long time. Getting to start any task was daunting for me. I tended to postpone every task until it piled up leading to severe anxiety.


So, when I reached out to Tani, there was an instant connection. I felt like she understood me and the issues I was dealing with. she was extremely patient in hearing out all that I had to say and helped to navigate towards positive change through the hypnotherapy sessions.


I could literally feel the positivity and calmness increasing in me after each session and it continues even long after the sessions are complete. I overall feel positive, my anxiety levels are down and I am taking steps to take care of my health and work life. I wish her my very best and would highly recommend reaching out to her.”

- P., UAE


The negative self-talk became

less frequent

“After each session, I could tell something was changing positively in my mind. The negative self-talk became less frequent, which enhanced my self-confidence for my future projects /goals.


I can better control my anxiety / negative self-talk when I am experiencing an obstacle in my life. Tani’s voice is very gentle and paced accordingly, which helped a lot in entering the relaxation state. I also recommend her professionalism and kindness.”







The sessions with Tani have completely changed my relationship with sugar

“I sought out Tani’s help because I really wanted to become healthier and despite my best efforts was really struggling to lower my sugar intake, especially in times of stress and high emotion. I have had hypnotherapy before and so knew that the sessions at the very least would leave me feeling calmer and more confident, and I hoped that they would allow me to want to cut out sugar which I was highly addicted to.


I had three sessions with Tani and I can honestly say that they have completely changed my relationship with sugar and how to deal with micro stressors in my everyday life. During our sessions, Tani gave me tools, both physical and mental, to use when I am feeling overwhelmed or in need of a boost to get me through an uncomfortable situation. She also worked on my confidence and enabled me to feel less overwhelmed in those triggering moments.


I am so surprised how much of an impact the sessions have had on my want and need for sugary foods. I now rarely snack throughout the day and just don’t have that desire or need for chocolate or sweets. As a result I feel more energetic and much calmer. My food habits have changed and I feel much healthier for it. I have lost a little weight which is a happy side effect of less snacking and I feel strong in myself and my abilities.


I think hypnotherapy is particularly effective because it works on your subconscious. Consciously, I knew that I shouldn’t eat so many sugary foods and I knew how detrimental it was for my health but I just couldn’t break the habits of a lifetime. Hypnotherapy has broken through those barriers and I’m so grateful to Tani for that.”


I was experiencing night eating episodes and huge trouble sleeping

“I have started my journey with Tani in December - I reached out to her because I was experiencing night eating episodes, huge trouble sleeping, relaxing and I was not connected with my body anymore.


Little did I know that was only the surface and the manifestation of the issues and burden I was carrying with me and that were piling up along the years.


Tani not only managed to help me get in touch with my most sensitive memories but she also taught me to look at them from a different angle and with different eyes - allowing me to be able to process and let go of what was no longer necessary.


She took my hand and helped me lift up from the darkness and grudge where I was hiding and find a brighter path for what I call my rebirth.


I still have a long journey to go but I wouldn’t be able to be where I am at without her guidance, support and care.


I have never met someone as passionate, caring, knowledgeable and loving as her.

There is still so much more I want to work on with her and I look forward to it.”



From the very first moment, I knew I could trust you.

“I learned so much thanks to your coaching and the different topics we approached. I got to know more about different foods and nutrition in general. I started to understand my body much better, how it reacts to the food I eat but also to the way I eat, move and sleep.


Today, I have the feeling that I know myself better. It is easier for me now to find a balance between what is good for me and what I like. Actually, I even think that what I like has evolved over the past months.


I really appreciated your personalised coaching style and that all exercises and suggestions were targeted to my personal needs. I felt that I was not just one client but that you spent a lot of time thinking about recommendations that made sense for me personally. From the very first moment, I knew I could trust you. I always felt comfortable sharing my experience, my personal challenges and successes with you.


I have truly appreciated and benefitted from your multiple skills and knowledge, your positive energy and your caring approach. Today, I feel stronger and more serene. Thank you!”



exercise and sleeping 4.jpg



My issue was insomnia…

“Before we started [the session], when Tani said, “Ah, we’ll sort it out in no time at all”, I said to myself “Oh how can she be so sure?” But now I understand.


My issue was insomnia. When you cannot sleep, when you wake up after only 1.5 hours of sleep and spend the rest of the night tossing in the bed, and when you start the new day totally exhausted, you feel like an unwatered flower.


The day after my session [with Tani] something happened, which I had forgotten for so many months: I slept for 9 hours and woke up full of energy and hope.


Tani is a striking master of RTT. But that is not enough.


What makes her so unique is her kind, gentle, compassionate and again and again KIND heart, which makes it possible that a huge window of intuition is opened for her and there she senses the knot of the issues and the reason behind it.


Then, she gently guides you and encourages you to look into the eyes of the demon or what you believed was the demon for so many years.


Oh God, you suddenly, with her guidance, notice that you are capable of choosing a new perspective. Instead of the dysfunctional old perception, you develop with her gentle nudges a totally new perspective and you immediately want to sing and fly.


This is something which I have never observed before.”


My motivation and

sleep improved

“I was in a very low period, with bad sleeping habits, low self-esteem, low mood and no motivation. I saw her health coaching service and I wanted to give a try. I was not even sure it would help me. But her positivity on her account was really attractive.


And then I got the chance to meet that amazing supporting woman who managed to put me back on the right track, helping with goals and habits, showing me that there are no too small steps...


Her positivity is contagious and after all my sessions done, I got what I signed up for. My motivation and sleep improved and I can’t wait for other sessions to help me with new goals.”



I felt incredibly safe

“I recently did a session with Tani and I felt like I was in really safe, competent hands. [Tani] is a natural. She knows what she is doing, and I really liked her gentle, kind approach and felt incredibly safe.”



The understanding I gained has been blowing my mind!

"Oh my goodness, I cannot speak highly enough of Tani and the experience I have recently had with her during an RTT session! I have been having epiphanies ever since our session last week and it feels like I am seeing things so differently now and I feel such a huge shift within myself.


I seriously thought that was going to be a pretty simple session - just get a bit more motivated and focused with the exercise but the understanding I gained has been blowing my mind!!! I had no idea that I was going to have such a powerful breakthrough!


I cannot thank Tani enough for helping me to crack this behaviour that was coming from such a deep, deep belief that I never even knew was there but was such a huge part of what has been blocking me from moving forward in so many areas!


Tani made me feel so at ease, heard and understood throughout the entire session which is incredibly comforting when you are diving into some of your own biggest unknowns.


Thanks to this recent session, I am now able to view and reassess how and why I am doing certain things and I can already see it flowing onto how I approach things with my family and my biz. I honestly cannot thank Tani enough – this has and is changing my life!!!"



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