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HOW DOES IT               ?

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I strongly believe that a coaching relationship should be built on mutual trust and respect to achieve best results.


The first step of the coaching program is therefore a free discovery call, which is a great opportunity to get to know each other and to see if there is a good fit before we embark on a journey together. 

The call usually takes about an hour as I want to hear a bit more about the challenges you are facing, get a better understanding of your goals and see how we can best work together. 

You can request to book a complimentary discovery session here:

I will be notified and get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your requested date and timing.



Health History Form:

A few days before our discovery session, I will send you a short questionnaire to fill in and ask you to send it back to me. The latter will serve as a basis for our initial discussion.

Download Zoom:

Currently, all of my sessions are held via Zoom. I therefore invite you to download the software prior to our discovery session. In time for our first meeting, you will receive a confirmation email with all necessary details to join the video call.  

Any concerns?

It is a good idea to write down any concerns you might have and questions you would like me to answer.

Right before our call:

I invite you to find a quiet place where you can comfortably sit for an hour without being disturbed. It's always good to allow yourself some transition time before the call to prepare yourself for our conversation. You might also want to have a pen and paper on hand in case you want to take some notes.



Once you are on board, we can embark on a journey together!


We will 'meet' online twice a month for about 50 minutes. Coaching sessions will be tailored towards your unique challenges and goals and discussions carried out with privacy and confidentiality.


We will work together to create action plans that fit your needs and I will be there to help you break them down into smaller, actionnable steps and to hold you accountable.

I believe in small changes that add up as well as making the process enjoyable. Rather than me telling you what to do, we will find out what works for YOU.

A word about online coaching:

You might worry that online health coaching might not be as effective as meeting in person. While it might feel different at first, I can tell from my own experience that it is absolutely possible to create a genuine connection online. 


My clients usually appreciate the fact that it is easy to fit into their busy lifestyle and that they can participate in the sessions from the comfort of their living room. 


Online coaching also means that we can work together even if you are not based in Singapore. And I am pretty excited about that!

Do you have any questions about the process? Please feel free to contact me.



Below, you will find the areas I would love to work on with you.

At the centre of it all: the connection of mind and body. Not because I have always excelled in this area. Actually quite the opposite is true: this has always been my biggest challenge. There have been many moments in my life when I felt disconnected from myself. From my needs. My emotions. And personal goals. You can read more about me and my story here.


Today, I know that it all starts here: in the mind. I hope that, through my work, I will be able to help you access and unleash this power within in you. From the bottom of my heart, this is why I do this work.

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