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7 things I do to make sure I move my body every day

I am no personal trainer and I certainly don’t want to give any advice on how to exercise. But here are a few things I find really useful to make sure I am moving more 🙏🏻

1. Each weekend, I look at the upcoming week and try to find an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more) every day that I can block for myself - to exercise, to meditate, to simply be with myself.

2. Ideally, I try to stick to the same timing every day or at least to get some sort of routine going. Currently, my ideal workout time is after the kids leave for school and before breakfast. It has become such a habit that, if I don’t do it, I have the feeling something is missing. Having said that, unexpected things do come up (hello home-based learning 🙋🏼‍♀️), and if that is the case, I sit down and find a new timing.

3. I prepare my workout clothes and equipment for the next day before I go to bed. I also decide what kind of workout I want to do. That way, I lose less time getting ready before I can start.

4. I try to mix it up and to keep my workouts fun and motivating. I usually alternate between cardio, strength and flexibility and find something I like in every category. I don’t force myself to do any workouts that feel like a chore or too hard to do. Instead, I prefer to make it just a tiny bit challenging while keeping it totally doable, so that I finish with a feeling of success, and to build up slowly.

5. I have a plan B ready. For example, if I initially wanted to go for a run and it starts to rain I don’t call it quits but do a HIT workout or so instead.

6. Listening to my body is more important to me than any workout schedule. If my initial plan was to do a strength training session but I feel tired and not ready for it (maybe because I didn’t sleep well, my period is coming or I am extremely stressed) I don’t force it. A slow walk, a few minutes of stretching or deep breathing - all of this is better than nothing at all. I move for myself - to feel good in my body, to strengthen my mind - not to prove anything to anyone.

7. I add music to everything I do. Or a podcast/audiobook when I walk or run. It changes everything.

Having an accountability partner really helps me as well. From time to time, I work with a coach on a specific topic. Or I get some advice from my yoga teacher. But what also really motivates me these days is going out and moving my body together with my son.

I would love to know how YOU make sure you move your body ❤

What helps you you stay motivated in the long run?

Much love, xx

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