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Have you ever held a 'CEO meeting'?

What is a CEO meeting? The one I am talking about is probably not exactly what you think it might be. It has nothing to do with work. Your boss. Or anything similar. Instead, it is a tool I learned about a while ago, supposed to help improve communication in a relationship. And I have to say, it works for us!

Every weekend, hubby and I take a moment to sit down and go through the week that lies ahead of us.

We talk about meetings, appointments, important dates at school and so on. Especially since I left the corporate world and our lifestyle has close to nothing in common anymore, we faced quite a few challenges, misunderstandings and frustrations in our couple. Ok, the frustrations were mainly on my side...

I often found myself (and still do sometimes) feeling resentful towards my husband who continued living the life we used to live before - a demanding but intellectually challenging job, business travels, dinners at night etc. - while I had changed my whole life once I became a mum. I felt socially ‘downgraded’ and yes, almost ashamed, for not being the successful thriving corporate girl I had been before. What about all those years of hard studies, hard work??

But if I am 100% honest with myself, I don’t want this anymore. I am so much happier since I am doing what I love to do and not what society is expecting from me. I am so much more in sync with myself since I authorise myself to be more flexible, since I know I can be there for my kids whenever they need me to be there without making major adjustments to my schedule.

Having said that, this ‘CEO meeting’ between my husband and me is crucial to better understand what each of us is going through. To understand each other’s challenges. And I always ends with one important question: “How do you feel? And is there anything I can do this week to help you?”

Try it for yourself. It has the added benefit that you have to go through your weekly plan and actually get organised 😉

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