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We will always find evidence for what we choose to believe...

It probably started about 2 years ago after my mum passed away. I decided that it was time to make something with this life I have been given. To focus on what I DO have and CAN do rather than on the negatives.

This was hard at first. At that time, I had unconsciously trained for 35 years to become what my husband calls “l’éternelle insatisfaite” - the one who is never satisfied. With my look. My achievements. My cooking. What I say. My work. My writing. My body.... pretty much everything about myself.

I would spend hours carefully analysing everything I had said, done or seen in the mirror.

So much time and energy - wasted!

For what?!

On a bad day, this self doubt still tries to seize the opportunity, to sneak in and to hit where it hurts most.

But it is much less often than it used to be. And I can hear him come now. I can feel when he is about to start his speech. And shut the door.

For almost 2 years now, I make a conscious effort to concentrate on the good things around me, on what lifts me up, rather than on what brings me down. And while this was hard at the beginning, it is getting easier with time. It’s like when you decide to look for green things after you concentrated on a different colour in an “I spy” game with your kids. Once you decide to shift your focus, you will all of a sudden see that you are surrounded by the colour green.

We will always find evidence for what we choose to believe. Cause that’s what we focus on, that’s what our brain wants to prove.

The world won’t change by shifting your focus. But you and your life will. And that, in turn, will actually have an impact on the world.

Think about it ❤️

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