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How to create your own morning affirmation meditation

Every morning, I spend a few minutes meditating. It doesn't have to be long. Sometimes, when I don't have much time, all I do is listen to a short morning affirmation meditation that I created myself. Listening to my own voice motivating me to make the best of the day that is just about to start, telling me exactly what I need to hear, puts a smile on my face every morning. And I truly believe everyone should have a personalised morning affirmation meditation.

How to create them? Read below.

Create your morning affirmation meditation:

Step 1: Write down some affirmations that speak to you. You can maybe think about some challenges and doubts you are currently facing, as well as some words you wish someone would tell you right now to comfort and to motivate you to keep going. If you’re stuck you can search online for some inspiration. Simply search for 'affirmations', 'mantras' etc. to get some ideas.

Step 2: Write down on a piece of paper the affirmations that appeal to you most.

Step 3: Open the voice memos app on your mobile and read the affirmations out loud to record them. Alternatively and if you would like to add a picture (or video) as well as some music like I did it, import a picture into the inshot app and record your voice over the video/picture. Add some background music either from your phone or from the free selection on the app.

Step 4: Save in a separate folder (mine is called 'morning meditations') in the picture app of your mobile and listen to it every morning while you look at yourself in the mirror. Don't forget to smile.

These affirmations are so powerful because they are made by you and for you. They are exactly what YOU need to hear.

And while recording the message feels a bit awkward, listening to your voice telling you exactly what you need to hear every morning feels like a warm and comforting hug. .

Try it and let me know how you find it 😉

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