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In health coaching, who is the expert?

If we work together, who will be the expert?

If we work together, I won’t be able to give you the answers to all your questions or tell you what to do to reach your health and wellness goals.

I won’t tell you what to eat or how to move.

I won’t tell you when to go to sleep or how your day should look like.

And I will certainly not push you until it hurts to see results.

I might have studied integrative nutrition and holistic health coaching, I might be passionate about behavior change and studying how our body reacts to stress, but I don’t know YOU.

Nobody - and I really mean nobody - knows you - your body, your story, your current situation, your dreams and goals - better than YOU know yourself.

So, if we work together, I can’t get you where you want to go without YOU.

I need YOU.

If we work together, I will share with you what I’ve learned for sure. But we will explore together how this theory fits into YOUR life. And how it can serve YOU.

You’re not a statistic. What works for most people might not work for you.

And that’s fine!

There is no right or wrong, no perfect way or perfect pace. You do you, and I am here to support you and hold you accountable as you walk towards the future YOU, a bit more confidently every day, at your own pace and on the path you have chosen for yourself.

If we work together, I won’t be the expert leading the way. If we work together, it is not because of a broken arm or leg that requires surgical intervention. You are not broken. And you don’t need to be fixed.

You are whole.

Just like me.

With all our flaws and imperfections, we are whole.

If we work together, there is no one expert.

Only a team.

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